The Beatles LP Late 1970

OK, it is November 1970 and The Beatles have had a break and resolved their differences and tried to be more equal in splitting up the songs.

It is decided that many of John's really personal songs are not suitable (Mother, God) although Isolation does make the grade. 'Instant Karma' was considered to be re-recorded as a Beatle track but John was against this as his solo release earlier in the year was very much about being instant.

Paul has many tracks from his shelved solo release early in the year included, but the other three still won't take 'Teddy Boy' seriously and it remains in the vaults. Paul in the interests of unity does not argue. Sadly 'Back Seat of My Car' is not quite ready and held back for the next album as are a number of John tracks he has been working of after his recent primal scream treatment has got rid of much of his anger.

George is becoming the bossy one and gets good representation on this album. John does not have a really strong 'single' candidate on the album but is publicly pleased about this as it makes a statement of his artistic integrity, however privately he wishes he had kept back 'Instant Karma' or finished a track he had been working on called 'Imagine'.

Their new album hits the shops for Christmas and all seems well again in the camp, although you get the feeling that it will not last long.

1. Maybe I'm Amazed
2. Isolation
3. My Sweet Lord
4. Junk
5. Working Class Hero
6. Man We Was Lonely
7. All Things Must Pass

1. Remember
2. It Don't Come Easy
3. Every Night
4. What is Life
5. Love
6. Another Day
7. Isn't it a Pity


  1. Hold on John is missing..a personal song John might have wanted on the album

  2. This is interesting - is it purely hypothetical or is it based on real information?