Thursday, 20 September 2012

Paul McCartney: the best voice in rock and pop: Part 10 Too Many People

No. 10 Too Many People from Tug of War from Ram (1971)

An angry rock song that was partially directed at John. The vocal has three styles first the 'Too many people...' part, then the 'that was your first mistake...' and the the 'what can be done for you' voice. All great. In fact just buy the Ram album and you will see how great Paul's voice can be. 

Other songs that on another day could have made this top ten (many are elsewhere on this blog so wanted to give others some coverage) are: Maybe I'm Amazed, Dear Friend, The Lovers that Never Were, I'm Carrying, Back Seat Of My Car, Dear Boy, Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five, Wild Life, Lonely Road, Listen to what the man Said, Getting Closer, The Pound is Sinking, So Glad to See You Here.

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