Monday, 26 March 2012

Paul McCartney setlist as voted by you, the fans

Well the voting had closed and the votes counted and verified and the new Paul McCartney set list has finally been revealed. Thanks for all your votes. And with a little luck, Paul will listen to what the fans said.

1. Venus and Mars/Rock Show
2. Getting Closer
3. Too Many People
4. The World Tonight
5. Junior's Farm
6. My Brave Face
7. I've Had Enough
8. Old Siam, Sir

9. Wanderlust
10. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five
11. Tomorrow
12. House of Wax
13. Beautiful Tonight

14. Bluebird
15. Some People Never Know
16. Every Night
17. Junk
18. Little Lamb Dragonfly
19. Tug of War
20. Picasso's Last Words

21. Listen To What The Man Said
22. This One
23. Take it Away
24. Hope of Deliverance
25. Beware My Love
26. The Pound is Sinking
27. Young Boy
28. Goodnight Tonight
29. No More Lonely Nights
30. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey

31. Silly Love Songs
32. Maybe I'm Amazed
33. Nothing too Much, Just Out of Sight

34. With A Little Luck
35. Back Seat of My Car
36. Hi Hi Hi

What do you think of this set list? Comment below.


  1. If only dear boy, if only.:) JB

  2. I like most of it but I hate Nothing Too Much Out of Sight...and I mean HATE! Put Sun is Shining in there and you're on to a winner! Glad to see Silly Love Songs in there!