Monday, 26 March 2012

Paul McCartney does not know what he is talking about...

Well I am exaggerating a little to make my point, but sometimes I really do wonder at the thumbs-a-loft one. He once said that he hit a kind of creative block until Band on the Run and after the split of that band he was lost musically. Something like that anyway.

WTF!!!! Who are you kidding Mr. McCartney?! The music you made between 1970 and 1973 (before Band on the Run) is probably my favourite period of his song writing and with the release of Paul and Linda McCartney's RAM, it is an opportune time to tell the mullet head (better than mop top!!) that as a football crowd would sing 'You don't know what you're doing!'

He had fun. The harmonies came back. He was in love. He became rustic. He showed his acoustic side. He rocked.

It was simplistic genius that was also as complex as they come. Complexity is often shown in its most intelligent state through simplicity. He also showed signs of complete and utter spaced out madness that somehow made perfect sense - just ask Billy Budapest - he knows all about it.

Sadly, Paul's and the other three almost complete state of ignorance of this period rubbed off on the critics. John and George got all the plaudits and Paul was left with his critical reputation in tatters - he possibly never recovered.

In fact, he was producing music that was in a different league. People are only just catching up. Paul needs to look back, go way back, and realise that he was always in front. For once with Paul the history books need to be rewritten and Paul needs to read and believe.

Take a little look at some of the songs.
  • Maybe I'm amazed
  • Every Night
  • Junk
  • Man We Was Lonely
  • Oo You
  • Another Day
  • Oh Woman, Oh Why
  • Too Many People
  • Uncle Albert
  • Monkberry Moon Delight
  • Ram On
  • Dear Boy
  • Back Seat of My Car
  • Heart of the Country
  • Dear Friend
  • Wild Life
  • Some People Never Know
  • Tomorrow
  • Get on the Right Thing
  • Big Barn Bed
  • The Mess
  • Single Pigeon
  • Little Lamb Dragonfly
  • Soily
So, Paul, do yourself a favour. Big yourself up. This was possibly best and most interesting part of your career. Not the most commercial, but the part when the critics should have listened.

Go and buy the new version of RAM. Out in May.


  1. You're completely right! He often says some weird things and I always end up thinking "He doesn't know what he is talking about." When Memory Almost Full was released, he said something like: "I've put a medley at the end of the record, it's the first time I do this since Abbey Road." What? Did he completely forget about Red Rose Speedway?

  2. I'd say that Paul knows his genius now. If not, I don't know how he could have missed it!

  3. Well said...he has completely forgotten an amazing period of his career! Too Many People ROCKED when he played it on 05 and it's gone back into obscurity. Think how amazing some of the other stuff could sound live.