Saturday, 28 January 2012

A crazy mind is content with underachievement

Or is it a cover (or a jacket) as in days gone by - at least to a circle of musical interludes it could be considered that way. 

You were all warned prior to questioning the sanity of oneself.  This SOS came on the date a week forward rather than backwards of the twenty zero in the month known in Nancy, France as août.

What happens next is a bout, but not a boxing match, of sense filled ramblings with creative finger fish. The alternative and misunderstood side is threatening to come up after being kept under cover by herds of fragranced pie - noticed and unwanted but still desired somewhat.

Reviews, shoes, world turning vinyl, vibrant dancing beats of ancient youngness will follow and then explode a shy and retired man of fire to the overground of the sedative underground. He will be forced through (in a peacefully way) a batch of smoking hot fibre away from wandering lustful ships that sail through the day.

A critical and much praiseful look at a hidden world is now all set....just as soon as the Plastic man reveals his intentions.

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