Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Listen to what the fans said....

To mark the continuing re-issue programme of the Paul McCartney archives, we are delighted to announce that Paul is set to promote the series with a very special set of concerts in 2012. Full details of these concerts will be announced shortly.

However, fans will have a unique opportunity to see Paul play songs only selected from his solo and Wings years and to make these special concerts even more special Paul's fans will have the opportunity to help choose the set-list.

Paul's solo career is the envy of many with multiple number one albums and singles around the world and now is your chance to relive memories and hear some of these massive hits and lesser known fans favourites live. Many of these songs have never been played live before and their time has come for the the live arena.

Paul is splitting his concert into to 5 sections and will be allowing fans to choose songs from a short list in each section. The songs with the most votes will then be played and Paul will decide on the order within each section.

Polls can be found in the right hand column of the blog.

Section 1 - Full band opening 'rock' set (8 to be selected from 18) 
Section 2 - Paul at Piano with band (5 to be selected from 8) 
Section 3 - Acoustic based set (7 to be selected from 11)
Section 4 - Full band set (10 to be selected from 18)
Section 5 - Encores (6 to be selected from 9) 

Voting will end in 60 days and further details on 'Listen to what the fans said' tour will follow as well as the results.

Please note that this posting is entirely made-up.


  1. Just voted in your hypothetical Wings/solo poll, i feel it's just a pipe(s of peace ) dream. JB

  2. i voted ,i wish it was true