Sunday, 16 October 2011

My thoughts on the latest and potentially new Paul McCartney albums

Well Paul has been a busy boy!
  • Ballet album
  • Getting married (congratulations!)
  • Forthcoming standards album
  • Possible album with Dave Grohl
  • Perhaps a separate solo album
  • More solo remasters
But is it the new music that I would like to focus on.

Oceans Kingdom
Paul's classical stuff I have never really given the chance to get into, but the snippets that I have heard of 'Oceans Kingdom' actually sound quite pleasant and enjoyable - more pleasant and enjoyable than the quality of the actual ballet itself, or, so it seems from the reviews.

Nevertheless, he likes doing this kind of thing and I think it probably helps the way he looks at music generally. So fair play to him.

Standards Album
I do have serious issues with Paul and this album but I will reserve complete judgement until I hear the results, but I just see it as a waste of time and not the correct move at this stage in his career. I would much rather have new 'Paul' music than Paul recording lesser versions of bygone classics.

I understand that it will bring back childhood memories and will be fun for him to do, but my main concern is if Paul has the voice these days to pull it off. My view is a 'no' and it will do him no favours. His voice is just not able to carry that sort of music these days.

However, he is teaming up with Diana Krall so is a chance things might turn out well and he may have a Christmas hit album to tell the grandchildren at his knee about.

My advice is simple. Keep the recordings and release as b-sides. Paul's critical stock is quite high at the moment and moves like this do him no good in gaining that respect he so craves from the critics and press. However, the showbiz side of Paul craves the opposite and wants another hit and mass public acclaim. The internal conflict is one of those things that makes Paul so interesting.

Dave Grohl
Elvis Costello revealed recently that Paul is making an album with Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters. This actually really excites me. It is bound to rock and be full of energy. I'm sure Dave will make this project great fun. It should open a newer audience and a larger appreciation of his music. Lets hope that this turns out to be a winner and comes out very soon to blow away all trace of that 'standards' album.

New Paul McCartney solo album
Perhaps the supposed Grohl tracks will form songs that become part of the next solo Macca album or perhaps they're two separate projects.

Some of Paul's recent solo albums (Flaming Pie, Driving Rain and Chaos and Creation in the Backyard particularly) have produced some of Paul's best and/or interesting music of his career. Add the that the fantastic Fireman album then it is a silly McCartney fan who would rather another live album or the aforemention standards album, and even, to be honest the classical albums.

Watch this space and all will be revealed.

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