Monday, 25 July 2011

In appreciation of...No.20 - We All Stand Together

Can be found on: All the best (UK version)

Well I bet you all did not think I'd choose this one!?

Although a huge hit in the UK, this is always a track that Paul gets ridiculed for - very unfairly.

It is a children's song with a reason and not dressed up in any other way. I could understand the stick that 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' got - wrong move, wrong time and frankly a poor song with a cringeworthy promotional film. However, this is possibly the best children's song ever.

The song reminds of my childhood and brings happy and warm memories of family Christmases. It is a real feel good song, but that is to ignore its quality.

It has a wonderful tune. a stunningly evocative and epic melody that any classical composer would be proud of. It is not tacky and could be seen as his best protest song in many ways. That is an interesting thought.

Forget the negative press and stick this song gets. It is fantastic, and, as a result, is his most underrated song ever. Ridicule at your peril. Children and adults should love this. It is simply fantastic.

Enjoy either the short or full version and be taken back to a time when nothing else mattered.

Edited Version

Full Version

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  1. "Magic!"
    Amen to that. I'm glad I was little when this came out, and have lots of good memories of this. Love that full version. Will have to show it to my daughter.
    Thanks for an interesting series.