Saturday, 2 July 2011

In appreciation of...No.12 - Riding to Vanity Fair

Can be found on: Chaos and Creation in the Backyard

This song is so haunting it is unnerving. The atmosphere created is very heartfelt, honest and full of meaning and emotion. Nigel Godrich has to take lots of credit for this song as the production means the mood is given added impact.

Who is it about?...who cares. The lyrics do sound very personal and you do believe them.

It is very introspective, but still somehow comes out optimistic. A complete song that resolves itself. There is nothing in this song that needs changing.

This is exhibit no. 198 in the Paul has not produced anything of note since 1970 debate and exhibit 41 in the Paul can nail it with his lyrics debate.

Feel the tension and sorrow, bitterness, regret, hope and acceptance. Let this song take over you body as it shudders through every bone.

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