Friday, 24 June 2011

In appreciation of...No.8 - Back On My Feet

Can be found on: Once Upon A Long Ago CD Single / Flowers in the Dirt (1993 re-issue)

This was the first song released of the excellent collaboration between McCartney and Elvis Costello. Tucked away as the b-side of Once Upon A Long Ago, the expectations were that it must just be a throwaway. How wrong could I have been! I played this song more than the lead track.

The lyrical quality and care had gone up a notch, the song was complete and was inspiring and very powerful. It is song that you don't get bored of and when Paul screams 'I'm back' towards the end of this song, you knew he meant it! That sums it up. This song you believe in and it is not superficial.

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