Monday, 20 June 2011

In appreciation of...No. 7 - Back Seat of My Car

Can be found on: Ram

This was a single and amazingly a flop, the first of his career. It just scrapped the UK Top 40. Amazing really as it is one of the best pieces he has ever released.

Well known by most big McCartney fans but certainly not by the general public or even some McCartney fans. This song started life during the last Beatle sessions and found its way onto the RAM album.

The harmonies, vocals, arrangements and different sections of this song are outstanding. The song just builds and builds and then rocks out. I can't think of anyone else would could write, sing and arrange a song like this. A vision in his head perfectly realised.

Should have been massive and should be appreciated by the masses. Share with all you know.


  1. I'm a bit worried that you're picking too many of the songs i like lol. Another song to prove that Paul has written great and classic songs outside the Beatles. There's more hooks in this one song than most artists manage in a career. Definitely in my top ten of Paul's post Beatle songs. Never understood why it's never been played live. Not sure Paul could manage it now, his vocals on it are sublime, the anthesis of his vocals now.


  2. I love this song too! I would love to hear him do this live. Would be nice if he put it in his setlist now since hopefully he'll be releasing the remastered version soon. Gosh...just listening & thinking that this should have been in the setlist ALL ALONG!