Sunday, 19 June 2011

In appreciation of...No. 6 - Wanderlust

Can be found on: Tug of War

This most striking thing about this song along with the wonderful melody, is the quality of the vocal, and the stunning production by his old mucker with the dodgy tie, Mr Martin.

Written about a possible drug bust on the good ship Wanderlust whilst recording the London Town album, the music gives the words much more resonance than their subject matter. It actually carries a wonderful emotional quality.

With simple piano and brass backing the vocal passages and blending are near perfection. It has subtle changes of tempo and the results are a work of pure beauty.

There is such talent in this man and this is proof. You know if this was on Revolver it would be considered very very highly.

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  1. Another one of my favourites too, couldn't agree with you more. I'd love to have heard Paul singing this live, but it's beyond him now, plus Wix on keyboards might have killed it dead.