Sunday, 26 June 2011

In appreciation of...No. 10 - This Loving Game

Can be found on: Jenny Wren CD single

The Chaos and Creation sessions produced music of such high quality that almost every track was worthy of making the album, some more than the one's that actually did. In my opinion English Tea and A Certain Softness could have been replaced with any of the following that ended up as b-sides. 'I Want You To Fly' (remarkable), 'Growing Up, Falling Down' (emotional, could have been a Fireman track), 'Comfort of Love', 'She Is So Beautiful', 'Summer of '59' and this one, 'This Loving Game'

Some how Nigel Godrich worked Paul hard and the best came out of him in most cases. The music had so much more simplicity and depth and you could tell the songs has been thought about and worked on, but without losing their character. Basically, he improved the songs and ironed out the creases and pushed Paul just that little bit harder.

'This Loving Game' is actually quite a simple ballad, but in the best McCartney style and for someone just to leave this as an extra track on a CD single shows how good he is! The best thing about this song is you know it before it is finished, but it sustains repeated listens.

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  1. Possibly his best ballad since My Love