Sunday, 26 June 2011

In appreciation of...No. 10 - This Loving Game

Can be found on: Jenny Wren CD single

The Chaos and Creation sessions produced music of such high quality that almost every track was worthy of making the album, some more than the one's that actually did. In my opinion English Tea and A Certain Softness could have been replaced with any of the following that ended up as b-sides. 'I Want You To Fly' (remarkable), 'Growing Up, Falling Down' (emotional, could have been a Fireman track), 'Comfort of Love', 'She Is So Beautiful', 'Summer of '59' and this one, 'This Loving Game'

Some how Nigel Godrich worked Paul hard and the best came out of him in most cases. The music had so much more simplicity and depth and you could tell the songs has been thought about and worked on, but without losing their character. Basically, he improved the songs and ironed out the creases and pushed Paul just that little bit harder.

'This Loving Game' is actually quite a simple ballad, but in the best McCartney style and for someone just to leave this as an extra track on a CD single shows how good he is! The best thing about this song is you know it before it is finished, but it sustains repeated listens.

In appreciation of...No. 9 - Getting Closer

Can be found on: Back to the Egg

This song was another single that flopped! Why, I cannot say. Paul was still very big at the time. Perhaps it was because it rocked quite hard or that punk and disco fans were buying most of the records at the time?

However, this songs does not mess about and takes you by the scruff of the neck within 5 seconds. It still sounds pretty fresh and powerful and would sound great live.

Paul is in good voice and the song is a great rock single.

Enjoy and get closer!

Friday, 24 June 2011

In appreciation of...No.8 - Back On My Feet

Can be found on: Once Upon A Long Ago CD Single / Flowers in the Dirt (1993 re-issue)

This was the first song released of the excellent collaboration between McCartney and Elvis Costello. Tucked away as the b-side of Once Upon A Long Ago, the expectations were that it must just be a throwaway. How wrong could I have been! I played this song more than the lead track.

The lyrical quality and care had gone up a notch, the song was complete and was inspiring and very powerful. It is song that you don't get bored of and when Paul screams 'I'm back' towards the end of this song, you knew he meant it! That sums it up. This song you believe in and it is not superficial.

Monday, 20 June 2011

In appreciation of...No. 7 - Back Seat of My Car

Can be found on: Ram

This was a single and amazingly a flop, the first of his career. It just scrapped the UK Top 40. Amazing really as it is one of the best pieces he has ever released.

Well known by most big McCartney fans but certainly not by the general public or even some McCartney fans. This song started life during the last Beatle sessions and found its way onto the RAM album.

The harmonies, vocals, arrangements and different sections of this song are outstanding. The song just builds and builds and then rocks out. I can't think of anyone else would could write, sing and arrange a song like this. A vision in his head perfectly realised.

Should have been massive and should be appreciated by the masses. Share with all you know.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

In appreciation of...No. 6 - Wanderlust

Can be found on: Tug of War

This most striking thing about this song along with the wonderful melody, is the quality of the vocal, and the stunning production by his old mucker with the dodgy tie, Mr Martin.

Written about a possible drug bust on the good ship Wanderlust whilst recording the London Town album, the music gives the words much more resonance than their subject matter. It actually carries a wonderful emotional quality.

With simple piano and brass backing the vocal passages and blending are near perfection. It has subtle changes of tempo and the results are a work of pure beauty.

There is such talent in this man and this is proof. You know if this was on Revolver it would be considered very very highly.

In appreciation of...No.5 - Don't Let It Bring You Down

Can be found on: London Town

London Town is a very underrated album. Full of different styles and high quality songs. It is a very mellow album. One of the highlights is this track. In many ways you would not think it is Paul, it was actually a co-write with Denny, and the results are fantastic.

The song has a very long introduction before the vocal kicks in. It is a folk song with inspiring lyrics. The musical backing fits the mood and the swampy electrical guitar really adds to the interest.

Some of the songs in this series are chosen to prove the point that Paul produces music with real depth and mood. This is a case in point. This is a lost acoustic folk classic with a celtic blues feel.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Take me down....'Rusty'!

We all know what this means....

In appreciation of...No. 4 - Single Pigeon

Can be found on: Rose Rose Speedway

Now this is a real little gem. This is the track, that I feel could have replaced English Tea on Chaos and been perfect for that album. A shame is was released 32 years earlier!

The point I am making is Paul can produce sheer magic in this kind of song without resorting to the likes of 'You gave me the answer', 'Baby's Request', English Tea' etc. Here he does a song that could have come from a bygone era with sheer class.

Single Pigeon has a beautiful melody and is played in an understated way. It conveys sadness and is a really lonely song which involves you from the outset.

It is fill of lovely little tempo changes and the whole song glides along effortlessley. Single Pigeon is sincere and has meaning rather than coming across clever and tacky like some of Paul's can do. This one IS clever and the polar opposite of tacky.

The lyrics are good and contains one of my favourite couplets. 'Sunday morning fight about Saturday night'


In appreciation of...No. 3 - To You

Can be found on: Back to the Egg

This is one of those McCartney songs that just slowly gets into your system and you find the groove just vibrating in your head. It is very much what you would call a grower.

It is an unusual style for Paul. It rocks but with an understated chorus that gives it that lasting appeal. The vocals are raspy and gives it soul.

It actually sounds very much a mixture between some of the post Punk New Wave bands with a little bit of pomp thrown in.

Well worth allowing into your system and a very untypical Paul song.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

In appreciation of...No. 2 - Love in Song

Can be found on: Venus and Mars

One of the highlights of this album. Once again Paul sings with emotion and sincerity. It has a reflective and sad quality and is beautifully constructed with stunning little musical layers and quirks. However, it seems simple despite its complexity.

It would be deserving a place on any album Paul has been involved in throughout his career. It has a slight country feel to it and a lovely melody. The middle eight part is wonderful.

I really love the lyrics to this song, they work perfectly. If you don't know this song, you really should. It should be better known. If you are just getting into Macca, it is great when you discover complete gems like this.