Saturday, 11 December 2010

Your Favourite Paul McCartney or Wings Single - New Poll!

I have added a new poll in the right hand column of my blog. Please continue to vote in the other polls if you have not done already though.

This time I want to know your favourite Macca single. These are based on UK releases, so sorry no Uncle Albert.

Once again, and I know it is very tough, but you have one selection only, so use it wisely!

I have not included The Girl is Mine because it is shite! (that and I consider it an MJ single with Paul as a guest as opposed to Say Say Say which is a Macca single with MJ as a guest). I have also decided to leave off Birthday (Live) as it is a Beatle track.

You can add comments on this thread too.

In the future, I will have a poll of 50 non single Macca tracks so that you can vote for your favourite of those too.

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