Sunday, 21 November 2010

McCartney in 2011 - Your wish list and why?

A chance for you all to interact with McCartnet. What would you all like Paul to do in 2011.

Paul has had a busy year, but mainly touring, or organising releases.

What should be different in 2011!

Tell me your thoughts!


  1. Let the guy take a break from touring (Thanks for your performance in San Francisco. Loved it), get married to his new "bird", and relax a bit. Then back in the studio, Paul. I n-e-e-d a new album from you soon. :)

  2. New recording ideas:
    -Dylan & McCartney - Both publicly lauded each other a couple of years ago and suggested recording together would be a future possibility. Both have a fundamental love for pre-RnR, rockabily, folk, roots and early RnR and could choose unknown gems to cover with a few originals
    -Jack White & McCartney. White is prob the cleverest new rock talent of the last 10 yrs-as well as a workaholic and student of RnR- and has publicly acclaimed McCartney as his preferred working force behind the Beatles. He is one working musician IMHO who could stretch and challenge Macca. White just produced Wanda Jackson's new album
    -McCartney writes and sings a duet album for himself and unknown female singer , ala Robert Plant & Alison Krauss. He has never really sung with women -save for Linda- and yet I suspect he could showcase his songwriting (and bass playing) writing specifically for female voices (Marvis Staples or Betty Lavette?) especially in his 'plastic soul' style