Friday, 8 October 2010

It's Johnny's Birthday!

Tomorrow John Lennon would have been 70. Happy Birthday John.

John's star shone brightly on our lives whether we were alive when he was, too young to remember or just learnt about him since his death.

He was a one off. He said what he thought, although he often did not think what he said. He loved and hurt in equal measures. 

He was full of contradictions but we loved him all the same. We raised many an eyebrow as if to say 'what is he doing now?!' but some how we forgave him.

He was a genius and wrote some of the greatest music ever with his mate Paul. Afterwards he still amused us and kept our interest like a crazy old Uncle and still produced some musical gems, although to be fair some dross too.

He gave us his soul, he sold his soul, he took it away from us again. He was unhappy, he found himself, but somehow he was still lost. He gave so much, but still had much to give but did not know quite where to give it.

He loved his friends, but sometimes was afraid to show it. He made huge gestures of love but then also huge gestures of hypocrisy.

I am sure by now John would have come to terms with, and had redemption for his wrongs. He would also be comfortable with his success and adulation.  Peace would have been given a chance. 

His death made him a martyr, which he never was. That is not his fault. We should look back at his legacy with perspective and not let it be clouded by his early death. We should also remember others that have died for no reason, whether through guns or not. Taking away a human life is a tragic act.

John Lennon you were a special man who was human and we were wrong to think otherwise. You still shine brightly. Thank you for everything. I am sure Paul will be raising a glass and a loving curse or two!!!

And just for fun, my top ten John no particular order

  • Hey Bulldog
  • Watching the Wheels
  • Across The Universe
  • In My Life
  • Number 9 Dream
  • Happiness Is A Warm Gun
  • Come Together
  • Strawberry Fields Forever
  • I am The Walrus
  • Rain
Feel welcome to leave your thoughts.


  1. i never really understood john.
    i more than liked his music in the beatles.i just wish he wasnt so horribly cut down so i could have naturally discovered his solo music before it was posthumously forced down my throat by people who just liked the idea of him.
    im quite sure i would have followed his career closely and got alot of joy out of the stuff he never got the chance to write.
    happy birthday really are an amazing talent.complete one off..

  2. PSM,
    OK, I'll bite. I'm sure your list of top 10 John songs was meant to prompt comment, but really, no "Imagine" or "Day in the Life"!?
    (Not to mention my favorite solo John "Instant Karma".) Also, to be consistent, you need to add "Strawberry Fields" to top 60 Beatle songs.

  3. Well is what my top 10 on that day at that moment in time was. Imagine would never make the Top Ten, even top 40!. Day in the Life actually should be in Top 5 and was a big oversight! Instant Karma - yep good call, could have been there on any other day and why SFF was not in my top 60 Beatle songs is probably cos it is a gimme to be there and I just presumed it was. Did a double take when I realised it was not!!!!!!!!!!!! It might be a top 62 Beatle songs in a mo! She's Leaving Home needs to be added too!