Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Run Devil Run Album Review

Release date: October 1999

Artwork: This cover is great. Sometimes just a great photograph says it all and needs nothing else. Reminds of the Beastie Boys album 'Pauls Boutique' cover.

General Comments: Paul's first release after Linda's sad death is a real blast and an explosion of energy and I imagine, emotion. I am not a massive fan of 1950's rock'n roll, I enjoy but don't love or rush out to play, but this album of mainly covers played by a stellar band is very good and does give you an uplifting experience. Much better than Paul's Russian rock'n roll album and also than John's one too. Paul's vocals are really good on this album as he sings the arse of some of these tunes proving that his voice for this kind of music was still pretty fine. This is a difficult album to review track by track really so I am sorry for a pretty bland review. The album is really a single piece of work to be played loud and for an enjoyable 30 minutes or so of fun. However, I hardly play it.

Track by Track:
1. Blue Jean Bop
A great start to the album with the beautiful naked rawness sweetness of Paul's voice on its own with a little echo before building into a really good track. Just under 2 minutes, exactly how a rock'n roll single should be. 7/10
2. She Said Yeah
The first track of several that really rock hard. You can tell this band are having lots of fun. 6/10
3. All Shook Up
A solid upbeat version of the Elvis classic. Nothing particularly wonderful but OK. 6/10
4. Run Devil Run
A new Paul song here and it rocks. It sounds like it was written in 1957 and that is a big compliment. 7/10
5. No Other Baby
A subtle quietly sung ballad that gradually builds without you noticing. A very good interpretation and has a lovely atmospheric bass. 7/10
6. Lonesome Town
A lovely ballad that brings one of Paul's must emotionally driven performances ever. You believe every word. Beautiful. 8/10
7. Try Not To Cry
Another new 'old' song written by Paul. This songs fits in perfectly on this album too. Not a typical standard rock'n and roll song but still has elements. 6/10
8. Movie Magg
A bit of harmless fun. A double bass and Paul's vocal basically carry this song. Not one of my favourites on the album, but its sequence on the album helps pace the album perfectly. 5/10
9. Brown Eyed Handsome Man
A stomping joyous track that makes you want to dance. Again you can tell all are having fun. Paul makes this song his own (crikey I sound like Simon Cowell!). 7/10
10. What It Is
The final new 'old' Paul song and it is a good one which grows on you. 7/10
11. Coquette
I get a little bored of this one and often skip it. 5/10
12. I Got Stung
This was one of the first Elvis songs that I heard and have always liked it, Paul rocks it harder and it is a good version. 6/10
13. Honey Hush
This is loud and rocks. This really is old rock'n and roll played hard, fast and loud. This has energy and probably is an example of the vibrancy that must have been brought to people growing up in that era. 7/10
14. Shake a Hand
I like Paul's vocals on this one and it is of a little bit of a different style than some of the other tracks. More bluesy.  6/10
15. Party
Really the comments on Honey Hush apply here.  Well Paul would be great to play at a party. He certainly would rock the house. 7/10

Overall score: 95/150
Overall score indexed: 63%

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