Wednesday, 15 September 2010

My reviews are now complete - PHEW!

According to all MY reviews these are my fav Macca albums in order! Thanks for reading the reviews. 

I look forward to what YOU think when the voting ends at the year end. Remember to vote if you have not done so yet!

Think it is not far off what I thought it would be at the start. My comments in despatches:
  • Broad Street should not be so high, but I never really think of it as a proper album anyway
  • Driving Rain is higher than I thought - but quite pleased about that
  • I have a real soft spot for 'McCartney' and I am sad it is not a little higher
  • I would have put my top 3 without the scoring system as the same 3 but in a different order 1. Ram 2. Chaos 3. Band on the Run.
  • Back to the Egg, Flowers in the Dirt and Flaming Pie are the one's I enjoy most after the top three
  • Would have liked London Town to have done a little better
  • Red Rose for some reason I have stages when I just love it, but I guess it is in about the right position
  • McCartney II does have some good tracks and interesting one's too so I am pleased it was not quite rock bottom!
  • Forgotten how great 'Flowers' is played loud
  • I wish Wild Life had been an EP - would have been a really great EP too
This is not the end of my regular blogging, comment and reviews. There is more to come! So stay tuned to McCartnet Macca fans!

All the best!


  1. PSM, Great reviewing. Why not consider "Twin Freaks" for review & favourite poll?

  2. Enjoyed the reviews. I would've liked to see you give yourself a few fudge points per album to reward albums that really hang together (Chaos and Creation, for instance) and penalize those that don't (Memory Almost Full). I don't know if it would have changed anything and fudge points are kind of arbitrary, but there are intangible factors like that which factor into a record's staying power.

  3. Yeah, I know what you mean. They are many ways to review. All as one, each track or a combination. In hindsight, I should have given 2 more scores to each album out of 10. One for how it works as an album and then also my overall personal score as an album (therefore not being scored down by a couple of tracks). This then add to the score and indexed would have given a more personal less mathematic final result - yes I know it is still all math based, but allowing for more leeway and personal overall view. Hope that makes sense. I'm not going through them all again though!!

  4. Craig - I love the Twin Freaks album. Lots to consider and thanks for your ideas.

  5. 1) Memory Almost Full only 17th out of 22 albums? Come on, it's not that bad. You are unnecessarily cruel to some tracks, like Gratitude, with score only 2/10. I'm not saying it's genius, but why not 4/10 or 5/10. The same for Nod Your Head. It has nice raw vocals + some angry, reproachful lyrics for Mrs. H. Your rating for these tracks degrades the album, whis is (for me) way, way, way, better than f.e. Off the Ground or Press to Play.

    2) I agree with many of your opinions, but sorry, I had to speak out for MAF (although you are right about production, whis is really weak in comparison with Chaos. More Nigel Godrich, please Or someone like Dangermouse for next album?)

    3) Regards and Choba are definitely not a proper, regular albums. You should remove them - and maybe replace with last Fireman album. Much more Macca's regular album.

    4) TOP 5 is almost perfect. RAM deserves to be No. 1.

    5) Anyway, thanks a lot for great blogg.

    Vítek from the Czech Republic

  6. I agree with Vítek. "Regards to Broad St." should be moved to "Compilation Album" category & "Choba" shouldn't count since it's not McCartney compositions.

  7. Well I can't move anything now chaps!

    So what should have been done with Run Devil Run?

    Thanks for your comments and reading my blog Vitek.

  8. I really enjoed the reviews and basically I see eye to eye with you. Brilliant Top5 but, to me, Flaming Pie is his best (so far).

    I just have to point that Driving Rain is on a too high position in my opinion. I dare say that Venus And Mars and McCartney are better. Memory Almost Full is also a bit underrated, there are very good tracks on it.

    Are you going to review Beatles albums as well? That would be great.

  9. Thanks for you comments. I would imagine I will get round to the Beatles albums too! I have lots of ideas to put on here. But feel free to suggest!
    Thanks again

  10. always interesting these sort of lists
    im a fan of all his side twin freak..standing store, the fireman releases and liverpool sound collage
    im a huge fan of the brilliant driving rain and chaos and creation..
    my top 5
    venus and mars
    band on the run
    chaos and creation
    driving rain