Friday, 27 August 2010

Choba B CCCP Album Review

Release date: September 1991 (Worldwide) USSR only October 1988

Artwork: Designed to look like a Russian bootleg album and succeeds. Therefore, I like it - perfect for the job.

General Comments: An album I must admit that is the only Macca album (bar classical) that have never actually owned on an original format, although I had the tracks on originals as b-sides/extra tracks from Once Upon a Long Ago and My Brave Face releases and taped on cassette. However, thanks to Jolanda for providing with a full CD quality copy to allow me to complete my review and listen to it for the first time in good quality and right the way through in the correct order. It is only appropriate that I should have, in effect, a bootleg copy!

I have been playing it to refresh my memory and to get to know it better. Just like Run Devil Run these kind of albums are quite hard to review. It fun but not really my cup of tea and not a labour of love to review - so as with Run Devil Run I am sorry for the somewhat dull review. This is not as good as RDR and the production in some tracks has dated a little, but there are still some high octane tracks on here which are enjoyable to play every now and then although they lack the most of RDR.

Track by Track:
1. Kansas City
This was on Beatles for Sale and is a great song and Paul does another good job here to give a solid start to the album.  6/10
2. Twenty Flight Rock
The track that helped Paul get into the Beatles just had to be here. He must have put more life into it in 1956! 5/10
3. Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Like most of the album, a pretty solid version but nothing out of this world. Somehow this kind of music was very much 'be, there, then'. I was not there then. 5/10
4. I'm In Love Again
Boring. 4/10
5. Bring It On Home To Me
An excellent vocal on this one and a really good song. Better than John's version. 6/10
6. Lucille
This is a song that Paul likes and he sings it like he is 19 again. This recording is a little bland though. 5/10
7. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
I like this interpretation as Paul seems to add some of his own personality to it. 7/10
8. I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Some Day
Clearly an enjoyable recording, but I don't like the song or Paul's version. 4/10
9. That's All Right Mama
Paul really can do Elvis! A great version of a great song. Very enjoyable  7/10
10. Summertime
A poor choice as a cover version as I don't think it is suited to Paul. I don't really enjoy listening to it and the production sounds a little dated. 3/10
11. Ain't That A Shame
The best performance on the album and a real blast to listen to. This is the one track I would actively seek out to play. 7/10
12. Crackin'Up
One of those songs you forget that you actually know really well until you hear a version of it. A solid cover. 5/10
13. Just Because
Over long but OK. 4/10
14. Midnight Special
Paul clearly really likes this one but I much prefer the version he sometimes plays live. Great fun though. 5/10

Overall score: 73/140
Overall score indexed: 52%

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  1. I like to compare Paul's R&R work to John's Rock and Roll album. This would have made a great John and Paul reunion album. What could have been..sigh