Thursday, 5 August 2010

Venus and Mars Album Review

Release Date: May 1975

Artwork: Another good cover that echoes Pink Floyd, although I think it would have been much better if the 'Venus and Mars' type face was not there and it was just the main image. I guess marketing is more important than art.

Still a very good cover and one of Wings' best.

General Comments: The follow up to Band on the Run was really good and set the band up for the long tours of 1975-1976 with some strong and appropriate live material. Wings started becoming more of a band with their best line-up and some sharing of the lead vocals. All and all a very enjoyable and confident album that defines Wings, although parts have dated.

Track by Track 
1. Venus and Mars
A beautiful melody with cosmic lyrics. Another good track to have a cup of tea too and just perfect for a concert opener. This is one of my favourite Wings tracks and always brings a smile to my face. Nice acoustic guitar. 9/10
2. Rock Show
Well if Venus and Mars brings a smile to my face with this track I positively radiate. It is funny, it rocks, it is of the time but most of all it is high quality. 7/10
3. Love in Song
One of Paul's best ballads with Wings. This is a beautiful haunting piece with a great twangy guitar and great sounds and lyrics. A little gem. 10/10
4. You Gave Me the Answer
Fun but the English Tea of the album. 5/10
5. Magneto and Titanium Man
Another song that is great fun. I am sure if I was in my teens when it was released I would have really loved this song. However, to be honest fun is all it really is. 6/10
6. Letting Go
Second best track on the album. Swampy, heavy and bluesy. I love the lyrics and the singing on this. A song that deserves classic status. 9/10
7. Venus and Mars (Reprise)
A welcome return and it sounds even more cosmic. Another cuppa methinks! 8/10
8. Spirits of Ancient Egypt
A solid track with Denny on lead vocals. Quite bluesy. Silly lyrics. Filler but OK filler. 4.5/10
9. Medicine Jar
Jimmy takes the lead on this and also wrote it. A pretty good track really. Reminds of someone but can't think who at the present. 4.5/10
10. Call Me Back Again
This is very soulful and the brass really adds to it. Great vocal and very enjoyable. Live version is also very very good. One of the highlights on the album. 8/10
11. Listen to What the Man Said
The single and one of the best pop songs Paul has ever done. Fantastic, classy and catchy. This song is of very high quality. 10/10
12. Treat Her Gently / Lonely Old People
This is a lovely track really. Wings were finding a nice style and vibe. A natural progression of some of Paul's Beatle songs in my opinion. The piano sounds quite like Lennon. Possibly a little long but very good quality Wings. 8/10
13. Crossroads Theme
A fun but pointless way to end the album. 3/10

Overall score: 93/130
Overall score indexed: 71.5% 


  1. awesome job with the reviews and like how you do each song, kudos

    "Listen to What the Man Said" is one of my fav Paul songs

  2. Look forward to the re-release of this album with alternate tracks would be awesome.

  3. Why is this CD so hard to find?

  4. Have you tried the Amazon link in the review?

  5. I was impressed with the album when it came out. It kind of reminded me of Sgt. Pepper with the intro Rock show.
    I prefer all Paul however, and consider all tracks from other members as filler.