Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Press to Play Album Review

Release Date: September 1986

Artwork: A lovely black and white shot of Paul taken with a very old fashioned camera I seem to recall. It's a cool cover and I suppose reminds me a little of Double Fantasy. Nice font type too. Overall the packaging and imagery and illustrations are very good. A thumb a loft for this one.

General Comments: This album does deserve to be revisited as it is nowhere near as bad as people seem to make out these days. In fact I really like this album. A couple of the b-sides yet again should have been on the LP album proper which would have made it better, particularly the great 'Tough on a Tightrope'. The production has dated on many tracks but this should not hide some of the real quality on here. Many of the tracks were co-writes with Eric Stewart of 10cc. Not a classic but a very solid middling Macca album, it probably the one album in his collection that I would love to see him record again and do a better job. The songs are good.

Track by Track (based on my LP vinyl version):

1. Stranglehold
This track has actually grown on me as the years have rolled by. Did not really like it back in '86. Now and despite the brass I think it is a really good rocker and a good start to the album. 6/10
2. Good Times Coming/Feel the Sun
A really good track which is quite mellow and melodic and gets you very quickly. Makes you feel positive. The Feel the Sun segment is a bit harder but good also. 6/10
3. Talk More Talk
One of my favourites at the time of release and slightly more interesting creative than much of the album. I like when there is something more going on in a track and I still enjoy this. Give it a chance you might like it too. 6/10
4. Footprints
Every now and then this briefly becomes one of my fav Macca songs and it deserves it too. It is a hauntingly beautiful acoustic driven ballad. Makes you think of Christmas, it could have been a big Christmas hit if it was a single and promoted correctly. A little cracker. 8/10
5. Only Love Remains
This a really well constructed and thoughtful ballad, with good vocal and good lyrics. It is actually a lot better, cleverer and more mature than some of his better loved ballads. Give this song another chance if you have not played it for years. 8/10
6. Press
Actually a very catchy pop single that should have really been a Top Ten hit as it had the credentials to be. A fun video on the tube train was a highlight at the time. It does sound dated in production terms but the song is actually half decent and to be honest I love it.  I have great memories of buying the 12" for this and then looking at the 10" each Saturday for weeks but the week I decided to buy it, it had gone! 7/10
7. Pretty Little Head
A slight move to the underground for Paul with a more experimental track, not groundbreaking by any means but still a brave move. The single version was better but it is an interesting if uncommercial track and it is very good too. Full marks for effort. 7/10
8. Move Over Busker
Another above average track and I would love it to be recorded again today as it is really very good. 6.5/10
9. Angry
Never liked this one and having Phill Collins on it (which I actually did not know for a few years) hardly helps! 4/10
10. However Absurd
This was the track that was heralded at the time to be the big Beatle quality track. It is not, but has some nice moments I suppose. 5/10

Overall score: 63.5/100
Overall score indexed: 63.5%

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  1. Pete Townsend on Angry...When it came out I played it over and over as I did with every McCartney album since 1970. but obviously the magic was gone, at least temporarily.