Sunday, 22 August 2010

Pipes of Peace Album Review

Release Date: October 1983

Artwork: Very bland and uninspiring cover although nothing technically wrong with it. Much like much of the album really.  

General Comments: Hard to review as it was round about this time that I started to get into McCartney and very much remember the release of this album. Therefore, the memories cloud my judgement a little on its quality. However, there are some good tracks on here and many of the not so good one's still make me smile. Ringo and George Martin appear again as do the last of the tracks Denny Laine worked on in some form. The album is very much the leftovers from Tug of War and often the lack of quality shows. However, I still enjoy this album more than some I will probably score higher!

Track by Track:

1. Pipes of Peace
Paul's last UK number hit single. Does sound a little dated but has a lovely intro and beautiful harmonies towards the end. This was a perfect Christmas single and brings back happy family memories. I still think that The Beatles would have released this as single if they had stayed together. It has a certain quality about it that is underrated. But just because it is Paul solo it gets slated, I think that if 'Hello, Goodbye' was Paul solo it would have got slated but as it is The Beatles it does not. I like both by the way! 7.5/10
2. Say Say Say
This is by far and way the best of the three Jacko songs (not difficult) and is actually a very good funky song that is infectious and joyful. It is not deep or anything, just good fun pop music with a great groove. 7/10
3. The Other Me
Much ridiculed for its 'dustbin lid' lyric but that aside is not a bad track which could have been a very good one. Actually quite a personal lyric which is sung beautifully. 6/10
4. Keep Under Cover
This has a great intro and the rest although actually very good does not live up to that. However, one of the better quality tracks on this album. Wish the computer strings were not used though. 7/10
5. So Bad
A little like Girlfriend, I actually think this is a lovely song and enjoy it. Sweet melody and beautifully sung in Paul's high range - those were the days. 7/10
6. The Man
Another Jacko duet and although it has a couple of good things about it and is certainly listenable, it has many more that are not. Better than The Girl is Mine though! 5/10
7. Sweetest Little Show
This one has a 50's feel to it. OK I suppose but b-side material like much of the album. 4.5/10
8. Average Person
One of my favourites at the time, it simply bounces along with fun. Still makes me smile, not really that good a song but I always quite enjoy it for some reason. 5.5/10
9. Hey Hey
An instrumental with Stanley Clarke. Should have kept it for the theme tune to a quiz show. Not good. 3/10
10. Tug of Peace
Is this actually a song? Very dated and an insult to its almost namesake Tug of War. Bad idea, poor executed. I can hardly listen to this and I advise you not to too. I liken it to a Yoko scream! 1/10
11. Through our Love
This is actually a lovely ballad which has a really nice sentiment. Paul can write these kind of songs in his sleep, but it does not mean that they are not good. The chorus is beautiful. Would like to see this song re-recorded and arranged. 7/10

Overall score: 60.5/110
Overall score indexed: 55%
Advice: Thank God you can download individual tracks these days!

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  1. Not one his best. It wasn't rated too highly despite the Martin production.