Tuesday, 17 August 2010

McCartney II Album Review

Release Date: May 1980

Artwork: This cover slowly grows on me and Paul's facial expression is very well captured and he looks as confused as the album! The rest of the sleeve is interesting to and an marked improvement to the previous three studio releases. Wings' Greatest cover was dreadful too, by the way, for such a great collection of songs. Wings Over America was a great bit of packaging though.

General Comments: One of the hardest of Paul's albums to review as it has a mixture of good and bad but I am very pleased he did it: he needed to get it out of his system. 

Back solo again Paul experiments like he did with McCartney ten years earlier, but with new technologies to play with and learn from, the album is much more interesting although the quality level is lower. I rarely play this album all the way through and thank goodness it was not a double album as intended. However, it does include some very good tracks and continues Paul's interest and willingness to explore other areas and not care too much what other people think. To be honest, he was still pretty big in 1980 and it was a brave move. A couple of the experimental b-sides (Check My Machine and Secret Friend) were miles better than some of the junk on this album.

Track by Track 
1. Coming Up
Great pop tune this one and very funky. Always an enjoyable listen but not one I ever really think of playing but when I hear it I am never disappointed to hear it. 7/10
2. Temporary Secretary
Many do not like this one, but I do. It is funny, loud, catchy and very current for the time. Devo would have been pleased. 8/10
3. On the Way
This is a bluesy jam that actually works. It is quite swampy and I like the vocal sound. 7/10
4. Waterfalls
A gorgeous ballad with an aching mournful vocal. A high on the album. 7.5/10
5. Nobody Knows
A blues jam that is not really that good. Could do with a rewrite and being reproduced!   3/10
6. Front Parlour
Very hard to listen to and does not get better with age. 3/10
7. Summer's Day Song
A good one this, Paul going down a more interesting experimental route and very atmospheric and eerie. Reminds me a little of side 2 of Bowie's Low album. 7/10
8. Frozen Jap
OK with some interesting melodies but does not really keep you that interested. 5/10
9. Bogey Music
Utter rubbish. Just a made up jam. 1/10
10. Darkroom
One of the best experimental tracks the album. It has a good vibe about it, well constructed and funny lyrics which can be taken in a number of ways. This is an experiment that works and works well. 6/10
11. One of These Days
This is a beautiful song and probably my favourite from the album. It is sad and happy at the same time. Reflective and with lyrics I enjoy. Another one of Paul's little hidden gems.  7.5/10

Overall score: 62/110
Overall score indexed: 56%

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  1. Like most sequels doesn't live up to the first. Should have been titled "Demos for friends"
    Save the single, it doesn't cut it.