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London Town Album Review

Release Date: March 1978

Artwork: Another very poor artwork. Fine for general publicity shots but for a cover it is dreadful. The font and colours used are also very poor and the back cover is even worse. It also looks very dated.

General Comments: Released after punk changed the outlook of music and rocked some of the establishment out of the picture, Paul returned with a mellow affair full of good tunes and pretty good songs. Did not include the massive single Mull of Kintrye which was released 4-5 months prior to this album. The album would have sold more if it did. Overall this is an album that is enjoyable and on the whole shows a mature Paul. Certainly in the underrated category.

Track by Track 
1. London Town
One of the really mellow tracks on the album. It makes you feel nostalgic, chilled and happy at the same time. I enjoy the phrasing, the structure, the different vocal styles and the harmonies of the song. I enjoy Paul's lyrics on this track, he sometimes has this way of just relating to you without being clever. Sweet melody too.  7.5/10
2. Cafe on the Left Bank
A bit dated now, but a very enjoyable track and actually in many ways quite experimental. A good vocal with a really good vibe.  Love the guitar in this one. 7/10
3. I'm Carrying
A great little song. Very mature and shows Paul at his best. Wonderful vocal too. A true hidden gem. 8.5/10
4. Backwards Traveller
A nice short little track that is OK and works well on the album. 5.5/10
5. Cuff Link
Sounds very dated at the start but actually gets under your skin. An instrumental that could have been a theme tune to detective series! 6/10
6. Children Children
A Denny vocal and a co-write. Not one of my favs. 3.5/10
7. Girlfriend
A sweet track that for some reason I am embarrassed to like, but I do... so there! 6.5/10
8. I've had Enough
A real simple rocker with a fantastic vocal. Perhaps not a strong choice as a single, but still one of Paul's best pot boilers! 7/10
9. With a Little Luck
I love this track. It is pop perfection and one of his best singles. It makes you feel soooooo good. It is deceptively clever too. I love the words and the spirit behind the song and it just flows along and is so natural and mellow. Parts sound very much of their time but for me it just adds to its charm. I almost gave this a ten. 9.5/10
10. Famous Groupies
Paul producing a quite good and quite funny track. 5/10
11. Deliver Your Children
An nice acoustic number which is sung by Denny with a vocal I actually enjoy.  6/10
12. Name and Address
A rock'n roll song reminiscent of early Elvis. Think Paul was in his element doing this. I like it but wish it was a b-side. 5/10
13. Don't Let it Bring You Down
A wonderful track and quite a departure from much of his material. He sounds serious and sings with real meaning and sincerity. The arrangement matches perfectly. Another top notch vocal. A folk song really with an celtic blues edge. Actually, this track is one of my favourites. 9/10
14. Morse Moose and the Grey Goose
Crap title disguises a pretty interesting track which is driven along by a really good funky and rocking vibe. A screaming Paul vocal in parts, but ultimately this track does not deliver. 4.5/10

Overall score: 90/140
Overall score indexed: 64%
Advice: BUY

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  1. I think George Martin would have trimmed it down a bit. Maybe the Beatles can release 14 songs but for Wings, a bit of a strain, and the singles were probably included to increase the quality of the album as a whole. Not one of my fav albums.