Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Give My Regards to Broad Street Album Review

Release Date: October 1984

Artwork: A soundtrack album for his movie project that did not really work. My dream job would have been a film poster designer, I love them. It was a great missed opportunity to have created something of a really high standard for this project. Sadly, everything was just average - like the movie. Although it does have some great performance sequences.

General Comments: Because of its nature this is a very hard to review, especially track by track. The re-recordings of some great Beatles, Wings and solo songs make them hard to critcise. I guess as they were in the album, those re-recorded versions has to be on the album though - I would imagine they helped sales too!. Overall it is a good but disjointed soundtrack with production that is very 1980's. This album probably gets played once every 8 years in my household! It does contains the wonderful 'No More Lonely Nights' which is worth the price alone. This album comes out higher than it should do really in the ratings. I wish I could introduce a handicap system to the scoring!  I am afraid my review is a little uninteresting, so apologies in advance.

Track by Track:

1. No More Lonely Nights (ballad)
A classic mid tempo ballad which has a fantastic sweet McCartney vocal, a wonderful structure and a fantastic guitar solo played by Dave Gilmour. It is catchy but classy. A mature high quality single and his last really big hit in the UK. 9/10
2. Good Day Sunshine
How can you score some of the Beatle tracks on this album poorly? Well, the versions are OK but unnecessary and lack a certain soul. Pointless.  6/10
3. Yesterday
Ditto. 6/10
4. Here, There and Everywhere
One of my favourite Beatle tracks, but see above above. 6/10
5. Wanderlust
I prefer the Tug of War version but this version is still great! 9/10
6. Ballroom Dancing
Not that different from TOW version. Still a good track. 6.5/10
7. Silly Love Songs
Not a patch on the original version. 5/10
8. Not Such a Bad Boy
Both this and No Values are pretty good tracks and certainly would have made Pipes of Peace a much better album. A decent rocker really. I put this and No Values in a similar box as Figure of Eight. 6.5/10
9. So Bad
Not that different from TOW version. A good track. 6.5/10
10. No Values
A solid rock track this one which is enjoyable and played with vigour. Simple but effective.  6.5/10
11. For No One
Again one of my absolute favourite Beatle songs but what is the point of this version? 6/10
12. Eleanor Rigby/Dream
See earlier comments, but the classical Eleanor's Dream at least adds some interest and variation on the original track and how elements of it can be developed into something else. 6/10
13. The Long and Winding Road
I do not like the saxophone in this but at least it has been made to be a little different than the original. However, the one track you thought he would want to do again, Paul decides to have an orchestral backing which is strange really considering. Still a lovely song but not a patch on the stunning Let it Be...naked version or even the Let it Be version. 5/10
14. No More Lonely Nights (playout version)
I guess in the context of the album this version works and that is what a soundtrack album is meant represent. It is quite a different take on the song and has a passing interest. 4/10.
15. Goodnight Princess
A 1940's pastiche. Nothing special. Goodnight indeed. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. 3.5/10.

Overall score: 92/150
Overall score indexed: 61%


  1. Better advice would be to buy the movie itself.
    Then you get videos of Paul performing some of the greatest Beatle/solo songs, with studio rather than live stage quality.

  2. I enjoyed the film..the theatre was empty lol. I liked the new studio versions of the Beatles classics.

  3. Paul chose the Beatles songs to showcase his best work, and his personal favorites...and they saved the film as in Magical Tour, the songs saved that film.