Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Flaming Pie Album Review

Release date: May 1997 

Artwork: I really like the cover to this album. The picture and effects are good, it is laid out well and has good use of natural colours. It captures Paul's personality well and it seems to make a statement on the maturity of the album. Subtle but strong and effective.

General Comments: This album just works and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, that is not to say that is has not got some great individual tracks on it, it has. It just works as an album and has a good feel about it. Paul seems comfortable with himself and seems to be content to be himself. Like most Paul albums it has a couple of moments that let it down and I think the blues tracks are filler. However, this is top quality Macca and one of his best and most enjoyable. 

Track by Track:
1. The Song We Were Sining
A strong opening track that slowly builds acoustically. It seems to be semi-autobiographical and harks back to the 1960's. Certainly a song to smoke a pipe to and sip some wine. A great start and really defines the tone of the album. 8/10
2. The World Tonight
The second single on the album with a gritty guitar and a great hook. Some good lyrics and proof that Paul still had it in him to rock. I loved this track at the time and although it is not loved quite as much now, it is still a very good track and should be listened to loudly!  7.5/10
3. If You Wanna
I seem to remember that this was the most instant song on the album and really enjoying it although it never transcends any higher. Simply cruises along and has a great relaxed, sun drenched, driving mood. Like the double meaning of 'trip' in this one. Solid. 7/10
4. Somedays
A beautiful acoustic track with a longing emotional vocal that adds to its sadness and beauty. Everything about this track is lovely, except the 'scored the goal' line. I don't like Paul's football analogy's in his songs and he has done it 2-3 times. Just does not sound right for some reason. Otherwise fantastic. 8/10
5. Young Boy
The first single that simply bounces along with carefree joy. It just makes you feel good and happy. It is catchy and is one of those effortless Paul songs that seem to come so naturally. A high quality song that deserved to be a massive hit. 9/10
6. Calico Skies
Another acoustic song and it seems to have grown in meaning since Linda's death. It has loving lyrics and a beautiful melody. Also has a nice subtle anti-war message. Still played live quite often and deserves its wider audience. Again just beautiful. 8/10
7. Flaming Pie
A live favourite of Paul's. Fun and instant and still quite enjoyable but does not have that much staying power. 6.5/10
8. Heaven On A Sunday
This is one I really was not that keen on when first released, however it is really growing on me now. I find this track peaceful, restful and wishful. 7/10
9. Used To Be Bad
Also features Steve Miller. A overlong blues dirge that is the sort of thing that is great fun live in a small venue and would have been fun just as a b-side. The first real low point of this album. 4.5/10
10. Souvenir
Another excellent track which mixes a sparse arrangement with a increasingly prominent guitar. Paul's vocals really are on top form on this one. I love the ending to this track too. Although, it sounds nothing like it I always think this is a cousin to 'I'm Carrying' from 'London Town'. 7/10
11. Little Willow
Another beautiful moving track showing Paul's maturity in song writing. Very emotional and another acoustic classic. 8/10
12. Really Love You
The sister to 'Used to Be Bad' but this one features Ringo and I slightly prefer it as I think it has a bit more bite. Works well on the 'Twin Freaks' album. OK, but would have rather it left off the album. One out of the two of these bluesy numbers would have been OK but they just get skipped I am afraid. 5/10
13. Beautiful Night
A wonderful song of very high quality. Very much sounds like a Beatle track done in the 1990's. A real epic starting with just Paul and piano to orchestra to full work and rock out. Ringo adds to this track and there is not one part I do not like. Perfect, and again, should have been a huge hit. A classic that never was. 9.5/10
14. Great Day
So simple, so catchy, so uplifting, so good. 8.5/10

Overall score: 104/140
Overall score indexed: 74%
Advice: BUY NOW!


  1. Odd that you mention the "score the goal" line from Somedays, but not the (to me far more jarring) "Devon on a Monday" in Heaven on a Sunday, or indeed "medal from the local neighborhood" from Beautiful Night.

  2. Thie album has an endearing quality to it. It was made around the time of the Beatles Anthology..