Thursday, 22 July 2010

Wildlife Album Review

Release Date: December 1971

Artwork: The photo on this shot is a nice picture of the band in beautiful countryside surroundings near a river. They look like a 1960's folk band or something. Always reminded me a little of John's Plastic Ono Band cover. No mention of who it is on the sleeve. Does look dated now. OK, but not one of my favourite covers.

General Comments: Wings first really does sound like a new band starting out. Quickly produced and although raw not particularly well recorded. A big hit and miss affair this one. Some 'must have' McCartney and some wish it never existed McCartney. Worth a listen and nowhere near as bad as people have made out. Half of the album is excellent.

Track by Track:

1. Mumbo
This song is quite enjoyable really, quite raw and infectious. A solid track, nothing more. 5/10
2. Bip Bop
A harmless bit of fun which would have been better as a b-side or kept in the archives. 3/10
3. Love is Strange
A rarity for Paul on a standard album, a cover version. It does not really do anything for me though although it has a nice relaxed feel and sounds good played loud on a hot day in the sun. Should have been a b-side. 5/10
4. Wild Life
I really like this track. Raw, quite heavy and great vocals. One of Paul's hidden gems. 7/10
5. Some People Never Know
Beautiful track that may or may not be partly aimed at John. Regardless it is heartfelt and always interesting to play. Perhaps a little over long, but top notch McCartney. 8/10
6. I am Your Singer
I know a lot of people like this one, I just find is difficult to listen to. Somewhere there is the basis of a decent song though. 3/10
7. Tomorrow
Excellent song, but could have been recorded and produced better. However, that should not detract from what is a high quality track and very inventive. 8/10
8. Dear Friend
Haunting, mournful, emotional - all the things that people say Paul can't do. Paul stripped bare. I hope John listened. 9/10

Overall score: 48/80
Overall score indexed: 60%


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  2. I was disappointed with this when it came out, given the Beatles-like quality of Ram the year before.
    Too few tracks but Wild life goes on too long, as does Dear Friend. This one really hurt Paul's reputation.