Friday, 16 July 2010

Up and coming Tour

Well I think Paul's current tour has gone some way to pleasing the people wanting some changes to the set list. It is much improved and more balanced. I think the second half is still a bit samey, but understand it will always be Beatle heavy,  some changes are needed there, or even a change of order would help.

Why not move tracks like Get Back and Lady Madonna to earlier in the set. Bring back Golden Slumbers/Carry that weight/The End for the final encore. I think Hello Goodbye might be good choice as a first encore. Bring back I saw her standing there too. Just some tweaks and maybe even a surprise in Uncle Albert or something rocking like Juniors Farm or The Night Before, although I think they would be better earlier replacing Jet and Highway early doors.

Anyway, generally really pretty happy - 1985 and Letting Go rock. Ob-la-di-ob-la-da is surprisingly good and fun. Good too that he alternates sets a little too. How about new song stories inbetween songs too though? I have always thought that he would love telling the Dustin Hoffman story before playing Picasso's last words.

Watch Paul play Hyde Park here!

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