Friday, 30 July 2010

Red Rose Speedway Album Review

Release Date: May 1973

Artwork: Personally I hate this cover. It looks cheap and tacky. The overall LP packaging though was quite interesting with lots to look at.

General Comments: I guess this is the album when Paul started to get it back together commercially and with the public.  It was the start of the period 73-77 when Wings became one of the biggest bands in the world. It has some hidden gems, some experimental stuff, some Macca standards and some lazy drivel. Despite the negative aspects there is something that I find very endearing about this LP and I like the sound and production too.

Track by Track:

1. Big Barn Bed
A good solid rocker to start the album. Quite raw, reminds me a little of 'Mumbo' from 'Wild Life'. Enjoyable but disposable. Check out the start to James Paul McCartney TV special on YouTube for a great performance of this track. 6/10.
2. My Love
A lush epic timeless ballad. Enjoyable and a Paul classic. However, there is something that I just can't put my finger on that stops me really loving it and actively seeking it out to play. Of course it has that wonderful guitar solo. 7/10.
3. Get on the Right Thing
I enjoy this track every time I hear it. I would like this live as it is a good 'band' song which really builds to a good climax. Another one of those McCartney tracks that gets in your system. 7/10.
4. One More Kiss
Not one of my favourites but OK I suppose. Has a country feel to it but I would often skip when this comes on. Could do better. 5/10.
5. Little Lamb Dragonfly
I always put this and 'Some People Never Know' in the same bracket. Both truly wonderful songs, although both a little over long. This is two songs made into one and eats into you mind and won't let go. Sweet, mellow and addictive. Some of the vocals near the start sound just like John. A big high of the album. 9/10.
6. Single Pigeon
This really is a hidden gem. Great melody, great fun, good lyrics, great sound and vocals. I just love this song. If you don't know it, seek it out and make it your friend. Short but wonderful. 9/10.
7. When the Night
Another song that has its moments but does not really do much for me. Lazy as it could have been a really good track. 5/10.
8. Loup (1st Indian on the Moon)
A nice little experimental piece. A little bit of Floyd in this one. Quite brave to put this on the album. Mellow and nice to relax to with a cuppa. 5/10.
9. Hold Me Tight
As we are into the medley now it is hard to separate them all. I actually love Hold Me Tight. I really enjoy the vocals and the piano sound. 6/10.
10. Lazy Dynamite
Great link from 'Hold Me Tight' and another great little track with sweet mellow guitar. All that was good about the 1970's. 7/10.
11. Hand of Love
Another track that is just so catchy and great fun. I am sure Paul makes these up in his sleep. Effortless. 6/10.
12. Power Cut
Last part of the medley and it is again enjoyable. Ties up the other songs nicely. Too long though. 5/10.

Overall score: 78/130
Overall score indexed: 60% 

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  1. I liked this one when it came out and still is a favorite. I think the cover just describes Paul-He's fun and doesn't take himself too seriously, lucky for us. My rating of One More Kiss is higher.. 7/10 Paul does this style very well. also My Love 8/10 Come on. It's one of his best ballads-simple, but very effective. The Medley is fun but is probably songs he didn't rate that high.