Tuesday, 20 July 2010

RAM Album Review

Release date: May 1971

Artwork: All created by Paul with pics by Linda. Fits perfectly with the fun and clever nature of the album. Lots of little bits to look at too. Another one of his best covers.

General Comments: Wrongly slated at the time. This is just as much a work of genius as John's Plastic Ono Band album was, if not more so. The vocals on this album are possibly the best put to vinyl by anyone, anywhere, ever! The album just has a wonderful feel to it. After you have listened to it you feel blessed, chilled, exhausted but a better and happier person.

Track by Track:

1. Too Many People
A great opener, great riff, great verses, great chorus, great outro. Angry lyrics. Lennon should be proud that he inspired Paul to write some of this track. This is one of the tracks I always point anti Paul listeners to. It normally works. 10/10
2. 3 Legs
A pretty fine track. I love Paul's voice changes on this and it just gets better and better and heavier. After a few listens Linda's vocals really do add to the track. Another song John took exception too. Hugely enjoyable. 7/10
3. Ram On
Pure, simple, fun and addictive. Ram on indeed! 7/10
4. Dear Boy
This track is amazing. I do not think that there are many people who could produce a track like this. It is creative, clever but simple. Vocals, again are perfection. This is a track that just says genius. If you have not heard this track, find it and play it loud with headphones on. You will be lost in it. 10/10
5. Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey
I hate to call this a Paul novelty record but it is a fun song. However, it is charming, clever and keeps you interested. It is actually quite emotional, but not corny. The second half is a great sing-a-long. Paul, again shows his vocal talents and I must say I do rather like the results. 9/10
6. Smile Away
Another fun track, with funny lyrics. Very catchy if a little dated, however it works as part of the album. Not a fav of mine played in its own right though. 6/10
7. Heart of the Country
Effortless song about domestic bliss up in Scotland. Very melodic. A joy and does not outstay its welcome.  8/10
8. Monkberry Moon Delight
WTF was Paul on when he wrote this?!! Wacky, wonderful lyrics that make sense even though they make no sense! I want to meet Billy Budapest too! If ever anyone was in any doubt about his vocal talents then play this loud. He sings the arse off it. One of the highlights! Inventive, clever and fun - like most of the album. 9/10
9. Eat at Home
Effortless guitar riff. Brings a smile to the face. A little dated I guess, but like Smile Away works perfectly within context of the album. Love the middle 8. Very well crafted. 7/10
10. Long Haired Lady
Linda's most prominent vocal on the album and it makes the track. Does take a few listens though, but then it gets you. 7/10
11. Ram On (reprise)
A welcome return for this little ditty. 7/10
12. The Back Seat of My Car
Why this was not a massive hit I will never know. Possibly the best track on the album. Harmonies to die for, changes in structure to keep you interested and rocks towards the end. Lyrics that you want to follow too. Builds and builds. Wow! 10/10

Overall score: 97/120
Overall score indexed: 81%

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  1. Ram On Reprise is actually the end of Ram On..It's one song that he split.
    Cover was harshly criticised by John.
    I never liked Dear Boy..too complex. Heart of the Country was played on the radio...should have been the single.