Saturday, 17 July 2010

McCartney Album Review

Release date: April 1970

Artwork: Fantastic cover shot taken by Linda. One of his best album covers. Very Pink Floyd style.

General Comments: A 'lovely little album' as Paul would no doubt call it. As everyone knows it was very homemade and Paul plays all the instruments himself. Half of this album is amongst the best Paul ever did, in any guise, and half of it is throwaway, but sometimes very endearing.

Released very close to Let it Be and is forever linked with the self interview inside that to the media signaled the end of the Beatles. As a result it was the start of a little bit of a Paul backlash with both the public and the media. High profile albums from John and George which were the best of their career somewhat hindered this little gem. But the music is what is important...

Track by Track:
1. The Lovely Linda
A very short piece of love to Linda. In my opinion a nice statement to mark his split with the other 3, but not too twee and sickly. Does not outstay it welcome. Charming really. 6/10
2. That Would Be Something
Echoes of the late 1950's sound. Very simple song which is very catchy. Could have been worked on more to make it a classic, but still a nice piece. 7/10
3. Valentine Day
A fun little instrumental which has nice guitar and riff, no need for this on the LP though. 5/10
4. Every Night.
One of Paul's best songs. Great vocal, great drums, great acoustic guitar and personal lyrics. Beautiful. 9/10
5. Hot as Sun / Glasses
A much better instrumental than Valentine Day. The glasses parts show Paul's avant garde side by making sounds with glasses. Includes a little sneak of the unreleased Suicide. 5/10
6. Junk
Gorgeous, haunting, beautiful, sad. Paul at is moving best. 9/10
7. Man We Was Lonely
Another very good song that seems to be more of a personal song. Shows two of Paul's many voices. 7/10
8. Oo You
Great track. Good fun, great guitar riff and quite soulful. One criticism, more guitar! 7/10
9. Momma Miss America
Paul has great fun on drums here and of course all the other instruments. Yes we know you are talented! 5/10
10. Teddy Boy
A track that never made it on Let it Be. OK, but I never really liked this one. Hate the lyrics. 6/10
11. Singalong Junk
Actually having an instrumental version of Junk later on in the album works very well and it is lovely. 8/10
12. Maybe I'm Amazed
Possibly his best ever song. Vocals to die for. Personal, heart felt, soulful, fantastic guitar. Good lyrics. Stunning, a true masterpiece. 10/10
13. Kreen-Akrore
Oh dear. Skip it. 1/10

Overall score: 85/130
Overall score indexed: 65%
Advice: BUY


  1. I actually LOVE Kreen-Akore. Funny our views differ!

  2. I love Kreen-Akore too. Listen with your headphones on to Paul panting!! It's like porn!
    Pretty good drumming too.

  3. I don't LOVE Kreen-Akore, but 1/10 does sound way harsh. Is it not just the fact it's such an anticlimax after his "best ever song"? More importantly, Momma Miss America definitely deserves better than 5/10. 'Tis most funky!!

  4. WJ, in hindsight I would have given Kreen-Akore a 3/10 and MMA 6/10.
    I can only mark with my feelings at the time. The 1/10 dragged the final totals score of the album down which is a shame.

    But there ya go!

    I stand by most of my marks and 95% I'd still agree with.

  5. In the Revolution 9 tradition Kreen-Akore is put at the end (to skip if desired), but the lead guitar here is worth listening to.

  6. Between Phil Spector's overproduction of Let It Be and George Martin's lush production of Abbey Road, Paul wanted a more natural sound, as did John with his first album, Plastic Ono Band. A 1970 Beatles album would have sounded like these two albums (not George's wall of sound All Things Must Pass)

  7. Given McCartney's dominance of Beatle single A sides since 1967, "Maybe I'm Amazed" would have made a great 1970 Beatles single, had they regrouped (John's "Instant Karma" the B Side!) As it turned out I'm glad it's on "McCartney." Left off and issued as a single would have left the album baron without a classic.

  8. I never ENJOY Kreen-Akore, however 1/10 does appear technique harsh. Will it be not simply simple fact it's this kind of anticlimax soon after the "best at any time song"? More importantly, Momma Neglect America surely justifies much better than 5/10. 'Tis most way-out!!
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