Monday, 31 May 2010

Paul or John?

Let me know and why!?

John - overated, media loved, can't do no wrong, genius, creative, lap dog to Yoko, crazy, bastard, funny, generous, in a league of his own, wordsmith, peace maker, politically nieve, witty, unique bond with Yoko, false, honest, mixed up, rock'n roller, unique, stupid get.

Paul - talent, melody, shallow, tight, thumbs a loft, false, kind, crap at lyrics, go veggie, wonderful marriage, father, staying power, difficult, multi-instrumentalist, creative, embarrassing, underground, hard to know, funny, charming, creative, tuneful, commercial, surprising, wonderful lyrics when he tries, diverse.

You decide!


  1. Paul, definitely. Underrated, melodic genius, music in his blood, kind, fiesty, moody, diffident, courageous, loving family man, ladies man!, beautiful 60's boy, dignified, silly, charming, strong beliefs, never one to shy away from the 'different path', frustrating, more complex than he appears, soundtrack to my life.

  2. Without Macca, no later Beatles albums and who is to say The Beatles might not have been held is such high regard as they have been since the split..

    Without Macca, no 40+ years of more great music as J G & R gave up in the mid 70's

    After the Beatles, apart from a few songs, John didnt do it for me, most of the time his head was up his own ass, having pops at Macca didnt help, methinks jealousy of Paul, even though some say Paul needed John more, i think it was the other way around.

    in a nutshell, both were pure genius at times, John's untimely death resulted in him being as god-like, Yoko done some great PR work in promoting this..

    Paul will ultimately be remembered as one of the greatest, if not the greatest artist ever to grace planet Earth....