Saturday, 27 February 2010

There are two Paul McCartney's!

'There are two Paul McCartney's' is a quote from Paul himself, although he was referring to the private self and then the pop/rock star. However in my mind I would say that it was more apt for the pop/rock star - where there are two Paul McCartney's!

Firstly the creative, talented, writer of wonderful music who is funny, challenging and subtle in everything he does. A man that makes all the right creative choices, with actions and decisions that are beyond reproach. A man who is private and dignified.

The other is the polar opposite, the one that wants popular and constant adoration - when if he really looked at it carefully he would realise he already has it and would have it more just doing what he does best. This Paul compromises his own integrity, sells out and tarnishes his past. Long term it is why in many eyes he is not as credible as John. This is not being a snob and I do not just mean doing things like the Frog Chorus - which actually has it place.

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