Saturday, 12 December 2009

Paul McCartney's biggest mistake of the decade!

I would not normally comment in this kind of story but as Paul himself has commented on his website, see below link it seems a good opportunity to comment:

It just goes to show that an informal, off the cuff comment which is not meant with any malice is blown up to be something it was never meant to be. When can we ever really believe what the media say on anything when most of it is complete lies or based on half truths.

My comment is never judge people, good or bad, just from hearsay and conjecture. Stick with what you see, hear and know and make a judgement yourself. Make sure it is always in context and the full story.

A minor comment like this does upset people and when family are involved it is not right. Sadly, celebrities have to put up with it, but to be fair they benefit and use the press themselves too. So they do leave themselves open sometimes.

Anyway my final comment is a much wider one 'think before you criticise someone or jump to a conclusion and I mean with friends, family and colleagues. You may not have all the information or know the full picture behind the action'

The end!

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