Monday, 30 November 2009

Should McCartney do X Factor?

It seems highly likely that our fab Macca is going to be not so fab and appear on X Factor.

Is this just a harmless bit of fun and a perfect opportunity for Paul to reach as big an audience as he has done for years or is it seriously damaging is reputation and harming him ever becoming respected as Lennon?

Paul has done many great things and good choices in recent years; Fireman, Glastonbury, Coachella, Electric Proms, Liverpool Sound Collage, working with Nigel Godrich etc. all with have helped restore his 'frog chorus image' does this put him back to square one.

Does anyone else agree that there are 2 Paul McCartney's - 1. one that just wants to be cool and underground and 2. One which wants to be adored and mainstream.

Should he care about his legacy more or our we all just too precious?

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