Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Paul McCartney's live show

So as Paul McCartney is set to play Europe in December debate rages on if he should he change his stale song choices and play more Wings and solo work and at the same time keep Beatles songs and his legacy a little more special and in tact.

What would you like him to play in your dream set list?


  1. First of all Pauls concerts of the 2000s aren't the first time hhes played huge portions of beatles songs in his set list. In the late eighties early nineties Paul returned to touring and played three or four songs from Flowers In The Dirt or Off The Ground. Three or four big solo and Wings hits. But Mainly playing Beatle songs.

  2. I don't want Paul not to play Beatle Songs I would like Paul to play more songs from his post Beatles career. Starting with the McCartney album He should play

    Every Night
    Man We Was Lonely
    OO You
    Teddy Boy
    Maybe I'm Amazed

    Next do some songs from the Ram album

    Too Many People
    3 Leggs
    Ram On
    Uncle Albert-Admiral Halsey
    Smile Away
    Heart of the Country
    Eat At Home
    Long Haired Lady
    The Back Seat Of My Car
    Another Day

    Now Play a few songs from his debut album with Wings Caled Wild Life

    Some People Never Know
    Tomorrow Dear Friend

  3. After That play some songs from Wings second album called Red Rose Speedway

    Big Barn Bed
    My Love
    Get On the Right Thing
    Ony One More Kiss
    Little Lamb Dragonfly
    Single Pigeon
    When The Night
    C Moon
    The Mess

  4. Band on the Run
    Mrs Vandebilt
    Let Me Roll It

    8. Helen Wheels

    9. Picasso's Last Words (Drink To Me)
    10. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five

  5. Venus And Mars
    Rock Show
    Love In Song
    You Gave Me The Answer
    Magneto And Titanium Man
    Letting Go
    Call Me Back Again
    Listen To What The Man Said

    Let 'Em In
    She's My Baby
    Beware My Love
    Silly Love Songs
    Warm And Beautiful
    Sally G

    London Town
    Cafe On The Left Bank
    I'm Carrying
    Backwards Traveller
    I've Had Enough
    With A Little Luck
    Famous Groupies
    Name And Address
    Don't Let It Bring You Down
    Morse Moose And The Grey Goose
    Girl's School
    Mull of Kintyre

    Getting Closer
    Spin It On
    Old Siam Sir
    Arrow Through
    Rockestra Theme
    To You
    So Glad To See You Here
    Daytime Nightime Suffering

  6. Coming
    On The Way
    Nobody Knows
    One Of These Days
    Goodnight Tonight

    Tug of War
    Take It Away
    Somebody Who Cares
    What's That You're Doing
    Here Today
    Ballroom Dancing
    The Pound Is Sinking
    Get It
    Pipes Of Peace
    The Other Me
    Keep Under Cover
    Hey Hey
    Through Our Love
    No More Lonely Nights
    Not Such A Bad Boy
    Good Times Coming - Feel The Sun
    Only Love Remains
    Move Over Busker
    However Absurd
    Write Away
    It's Not True
    Tough on a Tightrope
    Spies Like Us
    Once Upon A Long Ago
    My Brave Face
    We Got Married
    Put It There
    Figure Of Eight
    This One
    Don't Be Careless Love
    How Many People
    Off The Ground
    Looking For Changes
    Hope Of Deliverance
    I Owe It All To You
    Biker Like An Icon
    Peace In The Neighborhood
    Golden Earth Girl
    Get Out Of My Way
    Winedark Open Sea
    C'mon People
    The Songs We Were Singing
    The World Tonight
    If You Wanna
    Young Boy
    Calico Skies
    Flaming Pie
    Heaven On A Sunday
    Used To Be Bad
    Little Willow
    Really Love You
    Beautiful Night
    Great Day
    Run Devil Run
    Try Not To Cry
    What It Is
    Lonely Road
    From A Lover To A Friend
    She Given Up Talking
    Driving Rain
    I Do
    About You
    Back In The Sunshine
    Rinse The Raindrops
    Fine Line
    How Kind Of You
    Jenny Wren
    At The Mercy
    Friends To Go
    Too Much Rain
    A Certain Kind Of Softness
    Rding To Vanity Fair
    Follow Me
    Promise To You Girl
    Comfort Of Love
    Dance Tonight
    Ever Present Past
    See Your Sunshine
    Ony Mama Kows
    You Tell Me
    Mr. Bellamy
    Vintage Clothes
    That Was Me
    Feet In The Clouds
    House Of Wax
    End Of The End
    Nod Your Head
    Nothing Too Much jUST oF sIGHT
    Two Magpies
    Sing The Changes
    Sun Is Shining
    Dance 'Till We're High
    Don't Stop Running